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Rambling: Death of a Bachelor?

Friday, May 13 2016
I couldn't believe myself that I actually playing Panic! At The Disco's Death of a Bachelor video on loop since five hours ago.

It's the new Panic track, after such a long time.

Tbh, even though I have my Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die album since years ago, I haven't listen to it attentively from start to finish. You know how a band grow their music to a different direction than their previous album but still sounds like the band? Panic's second and third album still feels like Panic. Even if Pretty.Odd took a whole different route than its former album, but it's still Panic. And Vices & Virtues sounds like a natural evolution from Fever and Pretty.Odd, like a mature version of Panic. But TWTLTRTD doesn't feel the same for me. Well, This Is Gospel sounds like it belongs to V&V while Oh Glory probably should be put in TWTLTRTD. I've never actually written about this before, but I've never actually give TWTLTRTD a chance. It's just confusing to listen.

Maybe it's the music? Or the lyric? Fever and Pretty.Odd is full with story. Even Ryan Ross himself said that Pretty.Odd is fairy tale-esque children story for adults if that makes any sense. While V&V is more analogical, tho true that some songs is dead ass about certain topics (e.g Sarah Smiles is about Brendon's wife, The Calendar is about Panic breakup). I'm basically could't resonate with what TWTLTRTD offers. Except maybe This Is Gospel since it's a song about Spencer and it breaks my heart.

Alright. I confess. I don't like how things turn out for Panic! At The Disco at that time, so even until now, I don't have the heart to listen to TWTLTRTD. I'm not intrigued by it so I don't listen to it. How do you feel when the member of your favorite band quits one by one? Ryan and Jon left. Spencer also left. In the end, it's just Brendon. I know there's Dallon and Dan as the new member, but it doesn't feel the same. If it's not for Brendon, I would feel much better if they put an end for Panic! At The Disco and starts as a new band with a new name instead. Remember that meme that said "My Chemical Romance is not just Gerard Way. Fall Out Boy is not just Pete Wentz. Panic! At The Disco is not just Brendon Urie well godammit, actually it is." It's almost like a one man band visually. There was a video where Brendon play This Is Gospel by himself. Drums, bass, guitar. It was awesome and I'm so proud to see him being the ball of sunshine slash goofball slash prankster he is, but it also breaks my heart to see him alone on the screen. Panic! At The Disco is Brendon Urie now.

Anyway, I still buy the album tho because I want Brendon to explore more of his preffered music. He did, btw. Maybe around a year ago I think, he released Hallelujah. Still not my jam but I like where he's going. And then Victorious is out and I actually curious for more.

Yesterday I watch and listen to Death of a Bachelor for the first time and I was hooked. Dammit Brendon. I forgot how amazing his voice is. The bass, the trumpet, the slurry sexy flirty beat. Dammit Brendon. I forgot he's still Panic! At The Disco. This elegant sexy and steamy feels is one of the root of Panic's songs imo. Ever since Fever, remember? Lying is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off is basically about first time (filming? lol) making love, and I think Build God Then We'll Talk is basically about how a prostitute doesn't always want his/her way of living. And there's When The Day Met The Night on Pretty.Odd which is a heartbreaking story about how sun loves the moon but could never be together by nature. Now you guys know where I got my influences. Hahah.

Brendon said TWTLTRTD is a honest album of his story, but it's the first time he handles everything alone so something is missing. The heart. The feels. Miss Jackson, Girl Girl Boy, Nicotine, Casual Affair all feels like a song just for passing the time. Songs made for Panic! At The Disco. Not the songs made for Brendon himself to satisfy his desire to be listened to. Like an experiment. But Death of a Bachelor. This song sounds more like him. It feels like him. Well, it's a song about the fact that he's married now to Sarah. Hahah. We all know how crazy Brendon is before marriage. It's so good that he could be crazy with his wife now. Lol.

This song could probably be the turning point for Panic! At The Disco. At the expense of the death of a bachelor.


Is it just me or this could be a first dance song? Or more like the ultimate song to sing in the bachelor party lol. Anyway, Taehyung and Jeongguk could do wonders covering this song. Or Namjoon. Phew. The first verse should be sung by Taehyung, and the chorus should be a harmonisation between taekook. I'm not sure why but the part "I'm sitting alone in the table for two, and I just want to be served. And when you think of me, am I the best you've ever had?" fits so much for Jeongguk. Also the high note at the end should be sung by Jeongguk's falsetto.

I'm dying imagining Taehyung sings the "how do I live" part. How do I live, Taehyungah? How do I live if I ever listen to you sing live? Also the "oh oh oh" and "happily ever after ooooh I couldn't ask for more at the expense of the death of a bachelor" on the chorus.


Conclusion: I'm dying to listen to Taehyung sings jazz or blues or maybe screamo/ metal. ((Hold Me Tight, Hug Me, Love is Not Over and House of Cards and Save Me and Tomorrow is noooot enough solo)) Learn your singing well, ok, Tae? Make me feel again. Give me taegasm again. I love you.


Wait, did I start this post wanting to ramble about Death of a Bachelor? Is there any fellow Northern Downpour left in this world?